Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for models and new faces for your business?

Cat Model Club are a free booking platform for new talent. We represent models both male and female, and show what work they are interested in. By registering for free with us you can have full access to our models and find the right talent for you.
Our large database includes models of all ages, sizes and ethnicities making it easy for you to search exactly what you are looking for.
We can help you to build a strong relationship with clients and the great thing is, there are 0% agency fees!

To register with us you need to fill in a few simple details, and then by purchasing credits you can contact our models. You only need one credit per model to contact and it’s so easy to do. It is only $25 to purchase 5 credits, so that means you can contact 5 models!
Here at Cat Model Club we understand that you don’t want to spend ages searching for new talent. Where do you look for the right model? How do I know what work they are interested in? At Cat Model Club, we’ve got it covered.
That’s why our database consists of a variety of many models, making your search less time consuming and simpler.
We are a source for new faces as well as professionals. Whatever you are looking for, we’ve got it.

About Cat Model Club

We have been established since 2011 and have since built up a large client database with models from all ethnicities, sizes and ages. There are a wide variety of categories we cater for including fashion, commercial, staffing, hair and make up, production and glamour.

Why choose us?

You don’t have to pay to register with us. All we ask is that you must purchase credits for a small fee to contact our talent. All models that register with us our reviewed before their profile goes live. We must review and approve every image that is uploaded, and if we think they are good enough then we will agree to represent them.
We provide message and web based email services for you and our talent, to maintain secure and easy communication.
Our models are from all over the world, so wherever you are from, you can globally reach our talent in just a few clicks.
We offer low costs and massive savings because we are here to help YOU find the right talent. That’s why we offer free registration, and a small fee to contact our models.
We are here to help, and offer customer support whenever you need us. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us at – contact@catmodelclub.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I register?

To register with Cat Model Club and start finding talent today click here and you will be taken to our registration page where you will need to spend a minute or so, filling in a few simple details.
Once registered you can start viewing the profiles of our models and find the right one for you!
By purchasing credits for a small fee you can contact them straight away. It’s that easy!

Find your talent today!

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