Commercial Modelling

The commercial market of modelling is extremely popular because there is no height or size limit, and models are hired because of their independent look, and their ability to promote products.

Commercial models can be used in:


And many more types of advertising. This gives a much wider range of possibilities in comparison to other types of modelling, due to it’s flexibility of appearance and requirements.

Commercial modelling is a forever increasing and growing market, and companies from banks to insurance to shopping centres are always on the look out for natural, normal, and happy models to be a part of their business. This shows that the company is advertising in a manner which clients will feel is non threatening.

Clients may require a mature model, a model of a certain ethnicity or build, or an average looking model that doesn’t fit into any stereotype. It really does all depend on what they are hoping to achieve, but by being registered with us, they can view your profile and if they like what they see, they can contact you, and you can be casted for YOUR look.

There are no specific requirements to become a commercial model, as each business seeks different looks, and depending on what they are promoting this can vary quite widely. A good attitude is what clients will look for, and if they like your look and your personality then you stand a great chance of being cast, and you will be remembered for being great to work with.

Model Registration..

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